We have reached a point intellectually and spiritually that requires a greater understanding. Globally the search is on...for the Truth. We are in a transition from an old paradigm into a newly emerging one. As we make this shift, and accept the accelerated frequencies, we discover the universe that exists inside each of us.

This is a global event and a cosmic one, as foretold.

Divine Feminine energies are now streaming onto our planet and these powerful vibrations are saving Planet Earth. These Sacred Frequencies from the Cosmic Mother, newly unveiled, are pouring through, lifting all who are open to them. As our Earth ascends and we begin to access higher dimensions of ourselves, we advance into the Golden Age.

Divinely created, each and every Soul carries patterns of Light deeply embedded in his/her DNA. Awaken your Divine Inner Being and shift into your Higher Self whose nature is Light.

The Lighted Way Fellowship, guided by the Cosmic Mother, is ushering humankind into the Aquarian Age, as Earth makes her ascent.