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The Lighted Way Fellowship was founded by Muriel Isis in 1966. Muriel Isis was the most recent incarnation of the Cosmic Mother, the Divine Feminine aspect of the MotherFather Godhead.

Through a series of dreams, Kathleen was led from Minnesota to The Lighted Way Fellowship in Santa Monica, Calif., to begin her in-depth studies and training with Muriel Isis, Doctor of Divinity, M.S.Family Counseling. Muriel, who founded The Lighted Way Fellowship in 1966, and drew students in from around the world, was recognized in the World Who’s Who of Women, hosted radio shows and is the author of many books, including The Body of Light, Life and Immortality…Keys to Translation.


The Lighted Way Fellowship is a school of the Pure Truth of self actualization to one's Higher Self through the study of the spiritual sciences, meditation, service to others, and universal love through the heart chakra and is assisting in the ascension of our planet earth into a planet of Light.

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We are here to assist all who choose to become one with the Creator, leading to the path of becoming Ascended Masters and to assist humanity as we unlock the mystery of ourselves and the cosmos with the keys of creation as we rise up to heaven on earth.

The Lighted Way Fellowship is a beacon, a portal of light, to usher the earth into the Golden Age.

The Lighted Way Fellowship is a non-profit 501(c)(3). You can help our cause by donating what you can from your heart!

Friends of the Fellowship

Kathleen Frances (Spiritual Director)

Kathleen Frances is a certified teacher of Spiritual Sciences: Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Past Lives, Channeling, Meditation and Light Therapy. She holds a B.S degree in Sociology and Psychology and is the current Director of The Lighted Way Fellowship. She has been a social worker, peace and civil rights activist, counselor, teacher, parent, health and wellness trainer, songwriter, performer, & author.

Kathleen was a student of Muriel Isis from 1975 to 1999 when Muriel transfigured to fulfill her role as Cosmic Mother. The essence of the book "12 Keys for 2012 and Beyond", written by Kathleen, is pure truth as channeled from the Cosmic Mother, Isis, to herald in this Golden Age through the ascension of our Earth. She is also certified in levels I and II as a Belvaspata Healer.

Michele Lamson (Adminstrator)

Michele Lamson is a healer utilizing the Golden Light of the Most High and she is certified in Egyptian Numerology, Egyptian Tarot and Astrology. She loves facilitating group meditations that send healing Light to encircle our beautiful Planet Earth as we rise into the Golden Age. 

She has worked with investments, real estate, property management, and has done extensive volunteer work. Michele has taught spiritual classes to children and adults and is raising four fabulous children. 

Michele graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. She is also certified in levels I and II as a Belvaspata Healer.

Irene Rodriguez 

Irene Rodriguez has a business degree from the U of MN, graduate certifications from St. Thomas University's Executive Directors Institute, and a Commercial Real Estate certification.  Irene has led national  award winning economic development initiatives for St. Paul's Midway and the city of Minneapolis' Community and Resource Exchange. She served as CEO for a St. Paul Foundation initiative, WomenVenture, the Resource Center of the Americas, University UNITED and The Family Promise program for homeless families. Irene trained with the Chicago Dojo-Sukyo Mahakari Center and serves as its state Coordinator. She is also certified in levels I and II as a Belvaspata Healer.

Ned Ashton

Ned Ashton is a messenger of the Light, a healer, inventor and artist. The creator of the Life Bottle™ and owner of Gr8FulLife LLC, his mission is to bring healing and ascension frequencies to the masses through the Alchemy of water and Divine Love. 

“The more Light and Love we feed our water the more we do the same for our collective consciousness, for water is the conduit, or vessel of consciousness on the physical plane.” 
You can learn more about this divine science by reading his free e-book and exploring the various articles and videos available at his website. 

He is also certified in levels I and II as a Belvaspata Healer.

Andrew Groos


Andrew Groos teaches piano lessons and is certified in Egyptian numerology, offering mystical Egyptian numerology readings. He is a musician, writer, and graduated with a liberal arts degree from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with an emphasis on world literatures. Above all, he is the champion of the One Love and Truth.

He is also trained in levels I and II as a Belvaspata Healer.

Amber Bezek


I am so excited to be living and expanding in this time of unveiling light and wisdom. Some of the gifts I share are: holistic mindful childcare with a diploma in Early Childhood Education, Certified children's yoga instructor, Certified Level 1 Sound Healer.

Also in the works: creating my own high vibrational body care products with DoTerra essential oils that will lift and protect us in this time of need. I'm calling it "Mama Amrita." Amrita means nectar and Mama for our Earth; Earth Nectar!  

I'm looking forward to what else the Universe has in store for me. Love and joy in every moment. 

Steven Ernenwein (Web-master/Scribe)

Steven Ernenwein is a multi-genre/multi-instrument musician, creative, oneironaut, spiritual seeker, and avid meditator.

His latest project is a massive, 3-part comprehensive guided meditation program called The Activated Human Lighthouse Program. It consists of 47 powerful guided meditations and 23 additional informational audios to take them deeper! 

The Activated Human Lighthouse Program delivers humanity powerful guided meditations to discover how to activate their spiritual energy to promote personal development, mind-body-heart-soul integration, spiritual transformation, and healing. Enabling themselves to become their highest potential and achieve their greatest fulfillment. Then to share their inner radiance and resonance with the world, as an act of meditative spiritual service, to elevate the collective condition upon our planet.