12 Keys for 2012 and Beyond:

Birthed From an Ancient Light We are Now Ascending


12 Keys for 2012 and Beyond 
This is a guide to open you up to the power of your divine inner being. These are keys that will unlock your treasure chest of abundant joy, beauty, truth, wisdom and love, all a part of who really are. 12 Keys for 2012 and Beyond offers you freedom from the control of your lower self which blocks the light and shifts you into your higher self, whose nature is light. 
As hidden truths are revealed and questions remain unanswered by both science and religion, a new spirituality is emerging. Through upheavals and transformations, our Earth and all its inhabitants are transitioning into a higher dimension. The Keys in 12 Keys for 2012 and Beyond will open the door to your inner self, the Holy Grail within.

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"In this extraordinary time of tumult and change these 12 Keys will provide a strong guiding light that leads you to embrace life and inspire you on your own path of self mastery. Absorb its message and act on its wisdom"
- Scott Martineau #1 bestselling author of "The Power of You," Speaker, Mentor, Entrepreneur and Cofounder of ConsciousOne.com and ScottMartineauLive.com

"The unseen is greater than the seen. When you hold 12 Keys for 2012 and Beyond in your hands you are holding the key to an intimate relationship with the unseen. Simply, the real magic of life. Kathleen Frances is pure and clear, with a breathtakingly beautiful delivery from the unseen into your heart.

As you read this book, there can be no doubt within you as to the "purpose" of your life. Just being here, now, in this sacred moment. Thank you, Kathleen, for the truth delicately held between each magnificent page. This sacred text confirms that the love energy is the new power."

- Mary Godfrey Cousineau