"Journey into the light"

Music by Kathleen Frances

The life of this CD was actually “sparked” when Kathleen Frances began her quest for Truth. In search of her real Self, she stepped onto the path of the Soul that is lit with light from within and leads each person Home. There were many experiences with people from all over the world. She also delved deeply into the ancient Egyptian teachings which are held sacred in the pyramids.

As she listened to the still, small voice that speaks in the heart, the songs poured forth. Each song contained messages of truth and hope and love for the listeners and drew them deep inside to discover their own Souls.

A way was provided to record a CD of many of the songs. Paul Gurvitz, a native “Brit” who was trained by George Martin (of the Beatles fame) committed to producing the CD. A beautiful home set high up in the mountains of Malibu and overlooking the Pacific Ocean was turned into a recording studio. Here the journey continued and “Journey Into The Light” was born.

Each song was unique and required specific musical and cultural sounds. Because the overall theme and purpose of the CD was for international unity and peace, highly talented musicians from around the world were drawn to the project. There was definitely a “Presence” overseeing this project. Each time a unique musical sound was needed, just the perfect musician was found.

Joy, love, laughter, and lightness of spirit permeated the sessions. Each musician that came to sing and/or play was drawn into the magical, uplifting energy. The music poured forth from the depths of their Souls infusing the entire CD with Beauty and Truth and Joy. Many times the singers and players were moved to tears because of the profound music that poured out. After the sessions, great feasts were prepared to celebrate the fellowship and the joyous experiences of creating music.

Many different races, religions, and nationalities melded together singing and playing as one. They came from Morocco, Greece, Ireland, Taiwan, England, Uruguay, Brazil, Italy, and The United States. The music is infused with the light, love and energy of all these soulful musicians.

Our Performers

Produced by multi gold/platinum UK Rocker, PAUL GURVITZ (worked with George Martin, the 5th Beatle), Journey Into The Light features the stirring, sultry lead vocals of KATHLEEN FRANCES, the breath-taking pipes of ERIC RIGLER (Titanic, Braveheart, Troy), the fiery flamenco guitar of FEDERICO RAMOS (played with Julio Iglesias, Elton John, Hans Zimmer), and the electrifying violin of SCARLET RIVERA (played with Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman, Indigo Girls).

Our Songs

“Journey Into The Light” 
Produced by PAUL GURVITZ
Engineered by TODD SHOEMAKER 
All songs Written by KATHLEEN FRANCES 
Except “Save Jerusalem” 
`Written by PAUL GURVITZ


“A great eclectic fusion of world, acoustic, instrumental, classical, dance, pop, the works!"
~ Peter Manzi, formerly of New Age Voice

“Absolutely enchanting, the Cream of the Crop!"
~ Rob Tanner, Liquid Magazine

"Truly music inspired by the history, beauty, and cultures of the world....
This is a fantastic CD release that I highly recommend you add to your
~ Tony Tolin, Planet Light Worker Magazine

“Journey Into The Light by The Lighted Way is truly music inspired by the history, beauty, and cultures of the world! It is made up of 24 musicians gathered from across the globe: from the sultry lead vocals of Kathleen Frances, to the breath-taking pipes of Eric Rigler (“Braveheart”, “Titanic”) to the exotic sounds of Abdellatif Belharrat, to the haunting violins of Scarlet Rivera (played with Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman). Produced by multi-gold/platinum U.K. Rocker, Paul Gurvitz, who also plays bass and guitar on the album, this CD is a brilliant mix of artists and instruments, creating an electrifying sound that will bring an upbeat, uplifting energy and passion to the listener that has seldom been heard.”
~ Pamela Karle, Blue Orbit Music

Lighted Way Performer bios

Kathleen Frances

Kathleen is from Minnesota and plays keyboards. She is also the main vocalist and song writer with The Lighted Way. Kathleen is a classically trained musician and has performed on many commercials and CDs.


Paul Gurvitz

Paul is from London and is the multi platinum/gold, award-winning producer of The Lighted Way CD. He also plays bass and guitar. Paul has performed with George Martin, Ginger Baker, Elton John, Jimi Hendrix, Graeme Edge (Moody Blues). He has also written and produced for many artists including Stanley Clarke, Jermain Jackson, and Jody Watley. Website: www.paulgurvitz.com

Todd Shoemaker

Todd is a Los Angeles transplant from the Midwest. He has engineered for Elton John, Stevie Wonder and other well known artists. He is also an accomplished drummer and percussionist.

Rachel Brudnoy

Rachel is from Minnesota and plays oboe and English Horn. She performed with Prince on his “Greatest Hits” CD and has played with many orchestras.

Shelley Hanson

Shelley is from Minnesota and plays clarinet, flute and soprano saxophone. She has performed with the Minnesota Orchestra, the Milwaukee Symphony, and on the movie soundtrack, “Out of the Wilderness”. Shelley’s orchestral works are published on all continents except Antarctica.

Lisa Lin Hsia Huang

Lisa is from Taiwan and is a talented song writer, singer and engineer. She has recorded with a wide diversity of musicians.

Eric Rigler

Eric comes from Ireland and plays bagpipes, Uilleann pipes, and pennywhistle. Eric has performed with Phil Collins, Barbra Streisand, and Mariah Carey and for movie soundtracks including “Braveheart”, “Titanic”, “Austin Powers”, and “Cinderella Man”.


Abdellatif Belharrat

Abdellatif is from Morocco and is an Arabic Chanter. He has performed on many CDs with artists such as Salamat Khan and Shafgat Khan, the famous violinist from India.

Rogerio Jardim

Rogerio is from Brazil and plays percussion. He has performed with Stewart Copeland, Alphonso Johnson, Steve Madaio, and Rhian Benson.


Federico Ramos

Federico comes from Uruguay and plays flamenco guitar. He has performed with Julio Iglesias, Elton John, Hans Zimmer, Dr. Yusef Lateef, and Jon Anderson.


Scarlet Rivera

Scarlet Rivera is from Chicago and plays violin. She has performed with Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman, Indigo Girls, Keb Mo, and Duke Ellington Orchestra.





Lance Delgado

Lance is from Los Angeles and is a skilled drummer and percussionist. He has performed with Gloria Estefan in concert and on the Tonight Show. He is also featured on the video “Puedes Llegar."


Marcello DeFrancisci

Marcello is from Italy and is a skilled composer, arranger, and musician. A protégé of Hans Zimmer, he has composed music for motion pictures including “Knightsbridge”, “Cutting Tom Finn”, “Temptation”, “Gabriela”. His motion picture trailers include “The Flight of the Phoenix”, “Hero”, “Hell Boy”. Motion Picture music productions include “Man on Fire”, “The Prince of Egypt”.