Light Meditation Friday February 21

Greetings and Warm Wishes to Each One of You!!

Lest we ever lose perspective...we just focus our lens on that which is magnificent!  In the eye of the Beholder...within~

Beloved Ones, please surf with us through a Beautiful Light Meditation on Friday February 21 from 6 - 9 PM.

Date:  Friday February 21
Time:  6 - 9 PM
6 - 7:30:  Leaving cares at the door, gathering over tea~ Readers, Artists, Healers will be offering Services infused with Love and Light

7:30:  High Frequency Light Meditation begins led by Michele Lamson, Kathleen Frances and Magical Guests

Following Meditation, Sharing and Services continue...

Fee:  Suggested Love Offering of $10, $20 or what you can give

cosmic wave.jpg

And so my Dear Ones, I ask you to focus on that which is Good ~ Beautiful ~ and True with Gratitude!  In this way, I tell you truly, you cannot fail!
For this is the Substance you are made of.  For this is the Substance of I AM.  It can be no other way.  Your Substance is made of Light.  Your very Chemistry is Divine.  Look within...through the Lens of your Divine Eyes.  Do you not see Wonders?
Look Deeper.  These Wonders reveal a Stairway.  Take these steps upwards one by one.  As you Ascend you begin to sense that you are literally Lifting Upwards.  This is So.  I Rush to Greet You for I AM YOU. Your effort to Rise, your Intention to Lift up above the fray signals ME to Assist your Lift.  Experience this NOW.  Together WE Rise.
It is in this Risen State that you will draw others to you...others whom you love, others whom you do not know, others who simply experience your Presence or your Prayers or your Intentions. This is Devotion in Action and is Essential for Cosmic Immortality.
This is the Process of Ascension for YourSelf and for Our Planet.
I tell you Now...others will Follow.  They want to Follow and haven't known how.  You are the Wayshower.  You are claiming Your True Inheritance...the state of Godhood.  I AM God the Mother.  From Me the Father was Created.  We are One.  You are OURS.
~This is your Ultimate Freedom~
In Pure Radiant Love I AM
The Mother of All

With Praise, Love and Gratitude,
Kathleen, Michele and Crew