Psychic Faire & Light Meditation Sun March 9th

We'd love to have you join us for our Spring Light Psychic Faire and Meditation!

Date:  Sunday, March 9
Time:  2 - 6:30 PM
           2 - 5 PM: Greeting and Sharing, Illumined Artists, Healers, Readers offering their Services
           5 PM:  The Mother's Light Meditation begins...led by Michele Lamson, Kathleen Frances                                                                            and Magical Guests~
           Following the Meditation, Tea and Sharing continue
Fee:  A Love Donation of $10, $20 or whatever you can give

*Next Light Meditation date: Friday March 21 from 6-9 pm

Message from the Cosmic Mother:

There can be no doubt that never in the history of the Earth has She and all her Inhabitants experienced what we are Now!
I tell you truly the whole Cosmoverse is watching what is taking place on our Earth.
As the densest of all species, the human kingdom is moving by degrees into ethereal realities, taking their bodies with them,
and remaining in form on the Earth!
All of you are given the chance to Ascend into ONENESS.
Your DNA is encoded with patterns of Light and memory from whence you have come.
I am opening these codes of Life back up for you to move from separated consciousness into ONENESS Consciousness.
The identity you have held onto will give way and you will find YourSelf*
This is True Liberation.
Your Will to Create Good will Ascend you into Beingness where only LIFE IS
Repeat over and over
I Walk the Earth in an Ascended State of Being
I Walk the Earth in Luminous Tones of Love
My Cells Sing the Music of the Spheres
As Beloved Brothers and Sisters We Walk on this Sacred Earth Radiating Goodness to All~

~Mother of All I AM
 Infinite Being

With infinite Love and Gratitude,
Kathleen, Michele and Crew