Street Signs to the World Forgotten

by Soul Aquarius

The album title, "Street Signs to the World Forgotten," is Soul Aquarius' personal commentary on the human experience of the longing to reconnect with our inner Self, our spiritual identity, as a soul. He states that the "World forgotten is the divinity of our soul," that we, as a society, have lost our focus. Collectively, we have forgotten who we are, which is the essence of the human experience. We are all on infinite paths to reconnect with our inner most selves, as well as with the wellspring of divine energy that emanates within the universe. This is Soul Aquarius' attempt to help that reconnection happen, to inspire the resurrection and rebirth of your spiritual identity. "Street Signs to the World Forgotten" acts just as that - street signs, showing you the path back home to your Soul and the Source. 

This is Soul Aquarius' first album that features no sampling in his beat construction (outside of live instruments he recorded himself) and his lyrics and melodies aim to unlock the deep-seated memories of your cosmic past, so that you too may awaken to the grander aspects of yourself and see the world, and yourself, in a much more enlightened way! 

Soul Aquarius is a socially and spiritually conscious hip hop artist and spoken word poet dedicated to uplifting and enlightening humanity through wisdom, love, and music.


Released 01 November 2010 
Lyricist: Soul Aquarius (Steven M Ernenwein) 
Beats: Soul Aquarius 
Guest vocalists: Austin Ellis & Hannah Phillips 
Guest musicians: Mark Milson & Mitch