Here is what people are saying about the work of Kathleen Frances

I am a person who wants to hear the truth. Even if I don’t like it. I want to know what I am facing.
Kathleen has been doing readings for me for decades. I know I can count on her connection to the
Divine to assist me in my struggles and give me answers to my questions. The truth comes out,
no matter how hard it might be for me to hear. Her connection is solid.

She has been 100% laser/ON!!!

How do I know that?
Well, I took notes from every reading and have looked back at them, over the years. What was in those readings retrospectively; did come to pass. Kathleen grounds me when I am being challenged on this planet. Her channeling information shows me the insights and plan in what is happening to me. The reading gives me the path, the direction to take; towards my spiritual evolution, and also assists me in soothing my heart from the suffering I am experiencing.

When my Mother died a number of years ago, I had such angst at how exhausted I had felt caring for her those last years. I was agonizing over being relieved as well as grieved. I called Kathleen. Kathleen was out of town, on vacation, and yet she still did a reading “ on the spot” for me. It was such a selfless act. My Mother was a very religious Christian person and Kathleen was able to connect with her immediately. She told me how my Mother felt about me using my pet name. She told me what Mother knew about our spiritual journey here together on this planet. Kathleen didn’t know my Mother. There was NO way she could have known what my Mothers’ pet name for me was, ( because my Mother only said it when we were alone). There was no doubt in my mind that my Mothers’ words were coming through clearly and honestly from Kathleen. I cannot tell you how much that reading meant to me. It allowed me self forgiveness for being exhausted and human. And, that reading reaffirmed my belief in being in spirit on the other side, when we leave this planet.

I am so grateful to Kathleen and her devotion to the “light”. Kathleen lives her spiritual path and that commitment
and Divine connection keeps her clear and open to the highest truth.

Anyone who is fortunate enough to cross Kathleen’s path in life, is very truly blessed. She is worth every minute of time you spend with her.
— Suzanne K.
Simply thus, Kathleen Frances is magical! She has helped me gain perspective for numerous, pressing life issues, with light and love. Her being and readings are “Christ conscious” which is a comfort to this lifelong Lutheran. I trust her insights implicitly and am grateful to have become a student of this magnificent woman. She gifts the power to heal and the power to change!

With much love, and great gratitude
— Kathy C
I have known Kathleen for just under a year and have received several readings from her. Each reading was unique and was exactly what I needed to hear and validated so much of what was occurring in my life at that time. She has one of the purest hearts I have met and I would confidently refer anyone to any of her many services! Kathleen is authentic, charismatic, and concise.
— Steven E