The Pyramid

Have you ever experienced meditating within a pyramid?


What to expect from a meditation at The Pyramid:

You will come Home and gather as friends, forming a Circle of Healing Light and Peace.

We will breathe up Golden Light and open up a portal of communication with the Cosmic Mother,

Ascending into our Higher Selves, experiencing our own Divinity and Oneness with the Source of Creation.

We will send Healing Light to others and to our beautiful Planet.


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Here's what people have to say about The Pyramid:

My attendance at the Pyramid has really changed my life! There is a very special energy there, let alone a very special community of people, as well. Befriending and deepening my relationship with the Cosmic Mother has blessed and elevated my growth in ways I can’t even begin to fathom. Kathleen and Michele are the warmest and holiest of hosts and create a very special, inclusive, and healing sacred space for us to come heal, connect, express, laugh, sing, give praise, and vibrate! You leave every time knowing that the resonance we all just created changed the world, even if only in small ways, and if not the world, then at the very least - yourself.
— Steven Ernenwein
The Lighted Way Fellowship is an open collective of individuals dedicated to personal and planetary upliftment. The regular meditations are opportunities to travel deeply into the embrace of the Cosmic Mother where the energies are powerful! By aligning ourselves with the Most High, always operating from a stance of total harmlessness, we cultivate a potent space of Truth and healing which we share freely. The Lighted way is a community close to my heart.
— Mac Balentine
I came into contact with the Lighted Way fellowship after a series of notable spiritual experiences in late 2013. I was excited to find a group of people who shared in my dreams of creating peace and harmony within the world, and who were not limited by any one method or belief system. Since then I have noticed a marked improvement in my personal life, sense of unity, and overall quality of life. I have thoroughly enjoyed the amazing meditations and look forward to accompanying the Lighted Way and its mission into the future and beyond.
— Andrew Groos
I am so grateful to have met and been involved with the wonderful people of “The Lighted Way Fellowship”. The gatherings at the Pyramid are so full of love and acceptance, and the group meditations bring enlightenment and illumination, it is sanctuary to me and I look forward to every event.
— Renee D.
I have been coming to the Pyramid for about a year now and every experience keeps getting better and better. Everyone who shows up is so warm and welcoming its like coming Home. No matter what you say someone has had something similar happen to them and it helps you process it. After the meditations I feel so uplifted and taken care of that I go out and spread the love and joy and understanding I acquire. Its a beautiful energy with our divine mother Isis! We are light!
— Amber Bezek

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